NILGIRIS ULTRA. Nov 12, 2016 Edition V




CourseQualificative2015_ENNilgiris 100, in its fifth edition in 2016, will be conducted on a single day for both men and women, with our focus on promoting women in ultra running field, and extend our effort to have more men and women race in these spectacular Western Ghat mountains, supporting each other and defining their own running and winning moments. Celebrating women and men equally, we set out to give them both a chance to run and support the other.

Nilgiris 100 Ultra is an North Face UTMB qualifier with 2 points in the 100Kms category, awarded by ITRA (International Trail Running Association)

A race in the Nilgiris is a true Blue run as β€˜Nil’ β€˜giri’ means Blue Mountain, and they are part of the larger Western Ghats extending in to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. The race is set amidst beautiful Nilgiri hills, taking you higher for breathtaking views and mist laden clouds. This is the second edition in the Nilgiris. Starting at midnight means one gets a chance to witness glorious sunrise in the hills. For a spectacular year end race, come run with us in this beautiful location that is close to major cities such as Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai.

Last date for registration: October 1, 2016

Some images from previous editions.

NILGIRIS ULTRA is a GLOBERACERS‘ race. For other Globeracers races and activities, follow the link here:

65 thoughts on “NILGIRIS ULTRA

  1. I’m willing to join the marathon Race..
    How to join the race?

  2. I have already registered for the 2015 edition. I wanted to know if this is primarily a road run? is their any trail (off road) whatsoever?

    • Hello Himanshu,

      It is all road. It may slightly uneven for short 50meter distance at one or two places. Otherwise it is a good road.

      Train well. Look forward to seeing you in December.

      Best wishes

  3. We need ur contact number to have some conversation with ur group

  4. Hi,

    I have sent an email for a few clarifications.


    Please amend my name in your list of runners as follows:

    Mohd Syafei Bin Ahmad

    Thank You

  5. Hi, is there 75K category? I see it mentioned some places on the website, but not everywhere. Thanks!

  6. pls say how to register

  7. I would like to know the distance of one loop and how many loops do we have to run for the 100 KM.

  8. Hi
    I’ve got 2 full marathon certificate n by this November I’ll have one ultra certificate with me..
    But registration closes by oct..
    Can I compete in the 100kms event..

    • Hi Rahul,

      If you are going to be completing the ultra before Nilgiris, yes, you can participate in the 100Km category.

  9. Hi,I have contact to registed? And how much of registed amount……. Pls tel as then this my mobile number 8056911001… Thank u

  10. Can I have my friends/crew assist me throughout the duration of the race (100k)? Follow me with my nutrition, fuel and other miscellaneous supplies?

  11. Hello, Himanshu, yes, you can have a support team, but they cannot follow you all the way. They can travel on the route and stop at a location and help you out and then go ahead and wait for you. The route is narrow and a slow moving vehicle is not recommended. If you have specific need for the vehicle please write to us at Happy running.

    • yes of course kkanaparthy…….. i definitely do not want them following me all the way but more like every 20-25 km or so meet up incase i need something and that way i do not have to carry any additional gear!

  12. That will be fine, Himanashu. Do let us know if you require any further assistance. Look forward to see you in December. Happy running.

  13. how to join the running race

  14. Looks like the para under Race Schedule in page ‘The Race’ is not updated.

    I will have completed 2 half marathons, one 25km ultra and a full marathon by October. Can I register for the 50km in the Nilgiris Ultra?

  15. Hi, Is this year’s 100K also UTMB qualifying race for 2016 ?

  16. A friend of mine would like to signup for 25Km but he will run his first 2 half marathons (eligibility requirements) after the registration. Is that okay,?

  17. I have run 8 half marathons during my college days and have certificates for four of those. Its been a year without running any races but I am practicing. I am a native of Ooty and which distance category i could participate..?

  18. Hi Kavitha ji what is the cut off time for the 100k pl

  19. sir ,
    1. do we need to bring the certificate of 2 half marathons with us for 25km race?
    2. what exactly is the starting point and ending point, are they same?
    3. can you detail about the accomodation or nearby good hootels?

    • Hi Saravanan,

      No, you do not need to bring certificates. When you register, please provide details of your running experience in the field provided for the same.
      Start and finish points are the same. Depending on the weather conditions on the day of the race, race start point will either be YWCA or beyond Lovdale junction.
      You can book at the local YWCA. Details are here: Phone: 0423-2444262/2442218. You can also visit their website: for more details on accommodation.

  20. Hello Kavitha. I am Manish and had done 25k at nilgiris last year. Planning to do 50k this yr. but there is a possibility of me not able to attend because of a personal event – so not sure if I can come…wanted to know if there is a cancellation option. have read on FB sometime before, that rollover to next year option is available…Plese let me know once u see this message – hoping u see this today . Worst case , can i register tomorrow? Couple of other friends also will register

    • Hello Manish,

      Thank you for writing. We received your message. Yes, we rollover your registration to the next calendar year, applicable to any of the GR races. If you wish to register, do let us know and we can make the link available for registration. Look forward to seeing you again in December.

      Best wishes

  21. Hi there,
    I very much like to signup for 100K distance but I’m still not sure if I can make it to Ooty in Dec.
    I live in Denmark & most probably will be visiting India in December first week. When is the last date for registration? And is it possible to signup 1 week before the race?
    Cheers, Rahul

    • Hello Rahul, if you wish to sign up and unable to attend the race, we allow a one time roll-over to next edition or any race that GR organizes in the next 12 months. Last date for registration is November 1, 2015 and all registrations must be received by then. Happy running.

      • Thanks, I have signed up now! Really looking forward to my first official race in India. Could you please suggest a good accomodation near the start/finish area?

  22. Hi Kavitha,

    I had trouble signing up for 25K run after having forgotten my password. Is there a possibility of accommodating me for the run now although the due date for registration has lapsed.

    • Hi Mamatha,

      Registration is open until November 1 to facilitate some of the late registrants due to festival holidays. You can register before it closes.

      Best wishes,

  23. Hello, my name is Tom from Oxford in England. I’d love to take part in the 50 Niligris – it looks fantastic. I do endurance running and love running in hills. In the UK I’m involved with an adventure race (I have given you the website in my details section). I see that I am slightly late to qualify but just wondered if there was still any chance to take part. I’d really appreciate it if I could. Fingers crossed but I wish you all the best with the event whatever happens, it looks wonderful. Best wishes, Tom (Fremantle)

    • Hello Tom, the registration link is open until November 5 midnight IST. If you wish to register, please do so now. It will be great to have you at the race. Happy running.

      The website you provided in the details is not opening at our end. Please do check the spelling.

  24. Hello Ms. Kavitha, I planned to register for 25km category this year but due to my office commitments which clashed with nilgiri ultra, I had to drop the plan. Now I come to know that my official commitment is postponed and I am free now. Would like to register now. It is for me and my friend. Hence I request you guys to open up the registration. Please help.

  25. does the 100k start at 02:00 or 04:00? thank you

  26. Hi,
    As on date I have completed 9 half marathons including mount Abu trail half marathon. Can participate in 50km category?

  27. I had complete 55 k vadodara ultra, 12 hrs mumbai ultra, FM – scmm, more than 3 HM last year. Also ran sprr at ahmedabad (76 k) this year. Am I eligible for 100k?

  28. My age is 49, I wish to take part in 75 Km or 100 Km. Is there age group for me and what is the cash prizes in my age group

    • Hello Sanjay, your participation in any of the categories depends on your current experience. Please read the requirements for each category published on the website. There are no cash prizes in these races.

  29. Hi Team, I am interested to run 75K/100K. I have run 2 full marathons and 5 half marathons in 2016. Expected to do one full marathon and 3 half marathons more before the Nilgiris Ultra. I believe I am in good form and shape to run my first Ultra. Kindly let me know my eligibility for 75K/100K registration. Thank you!

    • Hello Jithin, sure, with the training structure you have you can register for the 75Kms. Look forward to see you in November.

  30. What’s the registration fee for 25/50/75/100km races. Could you share?

  31. Hello
    I registered for 25k in 2015. The race was canceled due to the floods. I had opted for carrying the registration forward to 2016. I have emailed 3 times in past 2 months. I’m yet to receive any confirmation from your end. Pl confirm immediately as I need to make plans.

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