NILGIRIS ULTRA. Nov 12, 2016 Edition V



About NILGIRIS Ultra (NU)

  1. When was the first edition of Nilgiris Ultra?  – Nilgiris Ultra’s first edition was in December 2012.
  2. When did NU achieve its UTMB qualifying status – NU was awarded UTMB qualifying points during its 2nd edition in the year 2013.

Race details:

  1. What are the a categories at NU? – The race has 4 categories: 25/50/75/100 KMs.
  2. What is the race format: It is a semi-supported race, meaning aid-stations are spaced 6.25Kms apart and runners are expected to be self-sufficient between the aid-stations.
  3. What is provided at the aid-stations? : Water, electrolytes, salt, sugar, bananas, oranges, salty snacks, honey, candy. At some aid-stations our partners/sponsors make hot tea available throughout the race.
  4. Drop bags: Drop bags will have to be handed over to organizers on the day of briefing with your name tags and the bag marked clearly with the aid-station number it is assigned to. They will be made available to you on the race day at the aid-station they are assigned to.
  5. How many drop bags are allowed? :
    1. 25Kms – 1
    2. 50Kms – 2
    3. 75Kms – 2
    4. 100Kms – 4
  6. Are we allowed to bring crew members? – Yes, and please ensure they have their own transportation as organizers will not be able to guarantee transport to the crew members.
  7. Do we have to pay extra for the crew members – No, not in NU.
  8. Where does the race start? –
    1. At Charring cross for 100Kms and 75Kms runners. The race start location has changed from Hill Bunk to Charring Cross to accommodate easier access to finish line for runners at the end of the race.
    2. For 25kms and 50kms runners, the race starts 12.5kms from Charring cross, enruote Upper Bhavani, via Lovedale. For those who have opted for transport, you will assemble at Charring Cross and will be transported to the race started point.
  9. What is the expected weather condition during December months? – The temperature will be closing to freezing at night and sun will be harsh and bright during the day time. Ensure you bring layers that you can remove and store in your drop bags, along with sunglasses for protection from sun glare.
  10. Is transport provided for runners? – If the race start location for 50Kms and 25Kms runners is beyond the city limits (which depends on the weather conditions on the day of the race), we will provide transport to the start location. Transport to and from Ooty has to be arranged by the runner/crew.
  11. Stay options: The race in 2015 will start at YWCA in Anandgiri ( and rooms can be booked by calling the following number: 0423-2444262.
  12. What are the cut-off times? For more race details, please see the Race Page

13 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. I have not run marathons earlier. But I am in full fitness regime. Will I be eligible for the race events.

    • Hi Shrestha,

      Can you please tell us what your training regimen is and if you have run any distance earlier?

      -GR Team.

      • Yes i run everyday morning for about 2 hours. Have my endurance gym training in the evening. Never got interested in Marathons. Someone suggested I should start. So thought would ask if i will be eligible for this one.

  2. Hai iam perumal vivekanandhan from bangalore, I have run 10k several times my best timing is 52 minutes, iam interested to run Nilagiri 50k on 5th December 2015. Please give me guide lines to register for the running

    • Hi Vivekanandhan, with your current level of running, you can sign up for 25kms at the maximum with a little more training for additional miles.

  3. Hi Kavita,

    I’m Sanjeev Ramki from Chennai and I have done 7 FMs with a PB of 3:36, 20+ HMs with a PB of 1:32 and was a podium finished in the inaugural edition of CTC’s Javadhu Hills Ultra 50k in 2014. I’m also a cyclist, having done the 200 km, 300 km, 400 km and 1000 km brevets. I have also completed a full iron distance triathlon in December 2014.

    I wasn’t able to run this year’s Javadhu Hill Ultra 75k due to last minute health issues and hence don’t have the required qualification to register for the 100k category in the Nilgiris Ultra…. Will it be possible for me to get a registration for the 100k….?

    • Hey Sanjeev, yes you can 🙂 You are more than qualified with all that you are doing. Please ensure you train enough in the next couple of months of the distance.

      Happy running,

  4. Hello sir.
    i am dr girdhan gada age 50yrs
    I have finished 5 half marathon (scmm) in last 5 years and have done one ultramarathon laat year in mumba.

    i would like to participate in 75km ultra.i know i am not eligible as per criteria.
    but i know i can do it.
    if u allow me for the same than i can register my self.

    I am physically fit and i was preparing for this year ultra in mumbai but it got cancelled so i would like to do this nilgiri ultra.
    kindly guide me
    dr girdhan gada from mumbai

  5. Kavitha-

    I would like to run the 100km this year (Nov/2016). Can you let me know how I can register and pay the difference since I have a credit from not running the 50k, after registering for the same.

    • Hi Mani,

      We will upgrade you to 100Km category and let you know the balance that needs to be paid. Will email shortly.


  6. Hello sir,
    I am looking forward to participate in 100k race .
    I have done 25 Half Marathon, 2 full marathon, Two 12hrs Ultra ( 60k & 65k ) and one 70k Shimla Ultra 2016. And did Olympic size Triathlon also.
    Will I get an entry to 100k race ?

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