NILGIRIS ULTRA. Nov 12, 2016 Edition V



GR-logo2GLOBERACERS team, that brings to you unique races, having introduced and developed endurance racing in India, both in running and cycling fields, continually strives to up the bar of race quality, runner’s race experience and safety guidelines. All the while, the team is working and traveling to discover great locations for the next Globeracers’ race, focusing on India, and its vast landscapes, which are unexplored on foot. The culture that drives Globeracers’ team is evident in their indomitable spirit representing a world of ultra sports, promoting India’s richness and vibrancy of colors, rugged and unexplored landscapes, and a unique blend of heritage and modern sensibilities that are well received by runners from around the world.

More about the team is here:

UTTARKASHI 135 is a GLOBERACERS’ race, among other events organized by the endurance racing, training and social organization. All other races and events organized by Globeracers and its partners, including training material, nutrition advise, and its other activities are found on the parent website:

Other races coming up:

Himalayan Crossing/The Spiti – July 08-12, 2014

Uttarkashi 135 – August 29-31, 2014

Bhatti Lakes Ultra – October 10-12, 2014

Run of Kutch – February 06-07, 2015

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