NILGIRIS ULTRA. Nov 12, 2016 Edition V



Race route from Lovedale, Ooty, to Upper Bhavani:

Elevation seen below

Elevation profile: 100 Kilometers
Nilgiris100Elevation Nilgiris100ClimbGrades

Elevation profile: 50 Kilometers:



Elevation profile: 25 Kilometers


12 thoughts on “ROUTE

  1. Where can I find the elevation chart for 50K race?

  2. like to know as to where is the half way turnaround for the 25 km run

    • Hello Srinivas,

      The race starts at the outskirts of Ooty, towards Lovedale. The turn around point is 12.5kms from the start, on the Lovedale road.

  3. Sir I have only completed a 14.5k. Can I 🏃 25k. I am on regular practise too for the race.

  4. Hi,
    What kind of terrain is it gonna be for 25k race ?

  5. Hi,
    Can you please spell out the 50 Km route? Am from Loveale and would like to know the exact route which is not clear in the map.

  6. Can you please upload 75 km route profile also

  7. Hie,
    I have been a regular runner since a year. Have participated in 10K only so far and the planned first HM is on 18Sept. Can i apply for 25K

    • Hi Swaty, we always suggest running atleast a couple of half marathons before upgrading to 25Kms. How is your training for the upcoming half marathon? Do you have long runs included in your training runs? Do let us know so we can advise accordingly.

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