NILGIRIS ULTRA. Nov 12, 2016 Edition V



Globeracers runners are special brand of runners. We know them by name, by their preferences and their love for ultra running, once they run with who else, Globeracers!! Oh wait! They do need to love ultra running to be Globeracers’ ultra runners 🙂

Following are the brave men and women in the battle of the bravest! Or are they? 🙂 For results, follow this link


Bib First name Last name Distance Nationality Gender
2501 Naveej Ahamed 25Kms Indian Male
2502 Edwin Leo 25Kms Indian Male
2503 Magendran Pandian 25Kms Indian Male
2504 Suriyaprakash C 25Kms Indian Male
2505 Sanjay Govind 25Kms Indian Male
2506 Ravindra Bharathi R 25Kms Indian Male
2507 Sushruta Chandrashekara 25Kms Indian Male
2508 Anju Agast 25Kms Indian Female
2509 Vinita Agast 25Kms Indian Female
2510 Saraswathy Natarajan 25Kms Indian Female
2511 Natarajan Kadayam Seshan 25Kms Indian Male
2512 Sumitha Prashanth 25Kms Indian Female
2513 Bindu Kandula 25Kms USA Female
2514 Sridhar Sukumar 25Kms Indian Male
2515 Ashish Singh 25Kms Indian Male
2516 Venkat Ramachandran 25Kms Indian Male
2517 Vidya Krishna 25Kms Indian Female
2518 Jaganmohan T P 25Kms Indian Male
2519 Sridhar Ranganathan 25Kms Indian Male
2520 Amarrajan M 25Kms Indian Male
2521 Sri Ganesh Dutta 25Kms Indian Male
2522 Pradeep Ramalingam 25Kms Indian Male
2523 Aneesh Reddy 25Kms Indian Male
2524 Saravanan Palanisamy 25Kms Indian Male
2525 Subhash John 25Kms Indian Male
2526 Srinivas Pai 25Kms indian Male
2527 Dr Hrishikesh Kumar 25Kms India Male
2528 Shiuli Deb 25Kms Indian Female
2529 Richard Lynn 25Kms USA Male
5001 Charanjeet Khurana 50Kms Indian Male
5002 Tom Fremantle 50Kms British Male
5003 Krishnapal Singh 50Kms Indian Male
5004 Kasi Viswanathan 50Kms Indian Male
5005 Muthu Subramaniam 50Kms Indian Male
5006 Suresh Dakhara 50Kms Indian Male
5007 Rajiv Sheth 50Kms Indian Male
5008 Supriya Sharma 50Kms Indian Female
5009 Nipun Jindal 50Kms Indian Male
5010 Amar Ranu 50Kms Indian Male
5011 Mayank Kandari 50Kms Indian Male
5012 Jerzy Jusiega 50Kms Polish Male
5013 Aakriti Sanjeev Verma 50Kms Indian Female
5014 Shantanu Pandey 50Kms Indian Male
5015 Aravind Kumar 50Kms India Male
5016 Rameshkumar Palanisamy 50Kms Indian Male
5017 Suchaita Tenneti 50Kms Indian Female
5018 Shilpa Reddy 50Kms Indian Female
5019 B R Hariharan 50Kms Indian Male
5020 Kumar Ajwani 50Kms Indian Male
5021 Mohd Syafei Bin Ahmad 50Kms Malaysian Male
7501 Sampathkumar Subramanian 75Kms Indian Male
7502 Sathish Babu 75Kms indian Male
10001 Henrik Westerlin 100Kms Denmark Male
10002 Rahul Yadav 100Kms India Male
10003 Surpreet Singh Khalsa 100Kms Indian Male
10004 Vikram Raman 100Kms Indian Male
10005 Rajesh Valadra 100Kms Indian Male
10006 Saravanan Mylsamy 100Kms Indian Male
10007 Lalit Periwal 100Kms Indian Male
10008 Sheetal Mehra 100Kms Indian Male
10009 Shashwat Rao 100Kms Indian Male
10010 Kanishk Pandey 100Kms Indian Male
10011 Mohan Jayaraman 100Kms Indian Male
10012 Ashok Azhagarasan 100Kms Indian Male
10013 Sunita Tummalapalli 100Kms USA Female
10014 Ravindranath Reddy 100Kms Indian Male
10015 Visweswer S 100Kms Indian Male
10016 Mario David 100Kms Indian Male
10017 Sathish R 100Kms Indian Male
10018 Philip Earis 100Kms UK Male
10019 Himanshu Dimri 100Kms Indian Male



Bib First name Last name Distance Age Gender Nationality
1 Aravind Kumar 100Kms 27 Male  Indian
2 Anthony Jouannic 100Kms 24 Male
3 Dan Lawson 100Kms 41 Male  United Kingdom
4 Subhajit Biswas 100Kms 29 Male Indian
5 Ashok Azhagarasan 100Kms 24 Male Indian
7 Umang Kamra 100Kms 26 Male Indian
8 Gokul Sanharalingam 100Kms 25 Male Indian
9 Kieren Dsouza 100Kms 21 Male indian
10 BM Sharma 100Kms 40 Male INDIAN
11 Saravanan Mylsamy 100Kms 39 Male indian
12 Niranjan Khaire 100Kms 28 Male Indian
13 SRINIVAS PAI 25Kms 48 Male Indian
14 Sivaraman Vaidyanathan 25Kms 32 Male Indian
15 Narayanan Muthuswamy 25Kms 48 Male Indian
16 Neeraj Shaffi 25Kms 40 Male Indian
17 Prakash Gobal 25Kms 32 Male MALAYSIAN
18 Chandramohan Kandan 25Kms 42 Male MALAYSIAN
19 Mark Abbott 25Kms 44 Male New Zealand
21 Venkateswaran Kamalakannan 25Kms 50 Male Indian
22 Mohit Shrestha 25Kms 27 Male Indian
23 Mohan Kumar 25Kms 40 Male Indian
24 SATISH KRISHNAN 25Kms 47 Male Indian
25 Sudhan Shanmugasundaram 25Kms 35 Male Indian
26 Manish Satyanarayana 25Kms 32 Male Indian
27 KARAN S DESHMUKH 50Kms 27 Male Indian
28 Mani Krishnamurthy 50Kms 52 Male Indian
29 Pravin Shekar 50Kms 40 Male Indian
30 Sarav Karunanithi 50Kms 40 Male
31 YESUDIAN ISRAEL 50Kms 57 Male Malaysian
32 Manivannan Vangalur 50Kms 39 Male Indian
33 Karthik Ramakrishnan 50Kms 42 Male indian
34 Devang Naik 50Kms 43 Male indian
35 Sandeep Patel 50Kms 44 Male indian
36 Lalitkumar Periwal 50Kms 45 Male indian
37 ARUN JAIN 50Kms 51 Male Indian
38 Jerzy Jusiega 50Kms 48 Male Polish
39 Balram Warrier 50Kms 40 Male Indian
40 Asif Ayaz 50Kms 37 Male
41 Krishnamoorthy Lakshminarayanan 50Kms 34 Male Indian
42 Thangamuthu Subramaniam 50Kms 37 Male Indian


Bib First name Last name Distance Age Gender Nationality
1 Vidya Krishna 25Kms 38 Female Indian
2 ANN REBECCA ABRAHAM 25Kms 50 Female Malaysian
3 SHIULI DEB 25Kms 31 Female Indian
4 Kulsum Husain 25Kms 36 Female Indian
5 Jayanthi Gunasekaran 25Kms 39 Female Indian
6 Sonali Singh 50Kms 39 Female Indian

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