NILGIRIS ULTRA. Nov 12, 2016 Edition V



Travel: There are multiple ways to reach Ooty.

  1. For those who Fly:
    1. Coimbatore airport – About 2 1/2 hours road journey to Ooty
    2. Bangalore airport – About 8 hours road journey to Ooty
  2. By road
    1. Bangalore – About 6 hours road journey to Ooty
  3. By train
    1. Ooty
    2. Chennai
    3. Coimbatore
    4. Bangalore


Stay recommendations coming up shortly. If you are booking your hotels, please look for accommodation closer to Charring Cross.

6 thoughts on “TRAVEL/STAY

  1. Hi there, Could you please suggest a good hotel near the start/finish area? Thanks, Rahul

    • Hi Rahul, you can look up the YMCA. They have good accommodation and facilities. Other hotels’ information will be provided shortly.

  2. Hi, I recently completed a full marathon in 6 hrs. Can I participate in 50 kilometer race?

    • Hello Satish, yes you can. Please ensure you training includes hill training and work towards to meeting the cut-off times as well.

      Best wishes

  3. Hi – am Gurgaon-based and though we train on modest climbs here, wondering if one needs to spend a few days in Ooty prior to the run to acclimatize? Also, Nov 12 seems to clash with the Bangalore Ultra – is the date for the Nilgiri run final?

    • Hi Rajat,

      It is good to come a couple of days early to get used to the weather conditions and mild altitude gain. Not mandatory. Novemeber 12 is the set date. Our calendar is set a year ahead and does not reschedule except for natural calamities. Also, for whatever distance you decide to run, you will need to meet the experience requirements, having run those distances recently. Please do follow the guidelines. Route elevation graphs are posted on the Route section of the race website: Please do have a look. If you need GPS coordinates, we can share via email.

      Look forward to see you in November.

      Happy running;

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